Qazi Metal Works owned by Qazi Mohammad Zubair along with his Father Qazi Mohammad Akram, has developed his expertise since 1965 in Dhaka, East Pakistan now Bangladesh. In 1975, then Qazi Mohammad Zubair started Qazi Metals Work in Pakistan.

In 1988 for the very first time in Pakistan he introduced the successful Rotary Furnaces from which Aluminum Ingots of purity 99% plus was produced. In 1993, he started to manufacture Aluminum Wire by Extrusion machine and Aluminum Sheets. Before this time Raw Material was purchased by Local market.

In 1998, Qazi Mohammad Zubair started his own trading activities regarding Raw Material for Aluminum Ingots and supplies these ingots to utensils and fan industries. This Company involved in quality material and was affiliated with entities in Social. In 2002, Qazi Mohammad Zubair resigned and dissolved Qazi Metals Work.

In 2004, Qazi Mohammad Bilal, Son of Qazi Mohammad Zubair inaugurated ZR IMPEX as an trading, supplying and manufacturing on Local and International scale by all directions and advice of Qazi Mohammad Zubair.